About Us

At ZAG we believe in being different

Happier, Healthier People

At ZAG, we believe Research and Development is about the power of science, people and nature connecting; from herbal blends to a cutting edge anti-anxiety beverages. We are constantly pursuing alternative configurations of natural ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years as natural remedies. In the name of science, we extend across international borders to explore region specific plants that have been used historically for either medicinal or recreational use. We are not afraid to take radical steps to improve an existing product or venture into unexplored waters.

When examining the future of ZAG, we see the continual pursuit of natural health remedies and the exploration of alternative medicine for serious and life threatening diseases such as Cancer.

The core principals driving our business are very simply put -Nature does it Better. We create products which are immediately noticeable and enhance the way people experience and enjoy their lives

Our focus is in the area of natural pharmaceuticals. We create active products that help change the way people feel about themselves and help them balance mind body and spirit. In categories completely dominated by pharmaceutical conglomerates, specifically psychoactive categories such as anxiety, pain, depression, and sleep, (collectively a market segment that represents 2 Trillion dollars of economic value in the US alone) we create products for both medicinal and recreational purposes. From a science based perspective, we inherently believe they are the same thing.

Since the beginning our customer base has grown to 30M and we have ambitions to expand our reach to 100M+ in the next few years. In the past year we have tripled our headcount and our expansion plans continue across Canada, the US and Europe.