Zag announces sale of business

As of March 23, 2017 ZAG Global completed an asset sale releasing all assets and brands and ceasing business operations. After 10 years of great challenges and even greater successes, we had many globally influencing wins in the fight for people's’ access to alternative plant medicines and were a forerunner in the botanical beverage industry creating a number of new product categories. Our team drove the creation of legislation that positively influenced the lives of tens of millions of people We are so grateful for all the support we have received over the years and for our dedicated enthusiasts, customers, staff and stakeholders, without whom we would not have reached such great heights. The road was not always straight and certainly wasn’t easy, but because of all of you, we made a massive difference in the world.

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ZAG Mission & Moonshot Goals

Our Purpose
Innovating to enhance the way people experience and enjoy their lives.

Our Moonshot*
To improve global happiness by 10%
* Moonshot: awesome, fantastic, the best, reaching the highest point

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